Pentyl Poppers

Hard hitting and quick to act - Pentyl Poppers are not for the inexperienced. Pentyl is well known for its potency which makes it a popular choice for regular users. With a gentler aroma and a forgiving evaporation time, Pentyl is a reliable choice to keep on hand at all times. Here at Twisted Beast we stock Pentyl poppers and ship worldwide.



    Pentyl Popper FAQ

    Pentyl poppers strike a nice balance between Propyl and Amyl nitrite. 

    Propyl poppers offer near-instant effects but with relatively mild strength, whereas Amyl poppers start gentle and intensify gradually.

    In contrast, Pentyl poppers combine the rapid onset of Propyl with a potency comparable to Amyl. Because of this, we do not recommend Pentyl poppers to beginners. 

    Pentyl is also said to have a slower evaporation time than other formulas. This allows the bottle to be left open for more extended periods while in use without saturating the room with vapors. However, for optimal potency retention, we would still recommend replacing the cap when not actively in use.

    You can learn more on what the different types of poppers are on our guide page.

    Whether you’re a Pentyl notice or experienced user our Bator poppers stand out as our top-selling Pentyl brand. 

    Addicted to watching spirals while you bate? Our Hypno poppers have got you covered while Sissy Poppers have you covered if you’re a bit more into all things pink.

    For optimal results with your poppers, it's essential to store them in a cool and dry environment, preferably a refrigerator. 

    Promptly replacing the cap after each use will help minimize evaporation, ensuring that your Pentyl poppers remain potent for an extended period.

    We understanding buying from a new popper shop can be daunting, so us give you three reasons to shop with us: 

    • Fresh stock - we only buy in what we need, so you won’t end up with a bottle that’s been on a shelf for 4 months
    • Fast shipping - all orders placed before 13:00 GMT will be shipped that very same day
    • Variety - we have over 150 different bottles of poppers for you to pick from, and not just in Pentyl, in Propyl and Amyl Nitrite too! 

    Need a bit more convincing? Head over to the Twisted Beast Reviews page to read honest reviews from bators all over the world.



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