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You can never go wrong with the original. The tried and trusted. While new formulas have come and gone since amyls’ popularisation in the 70’s, these poppers have remained consistently popular for over fifty years. Generally speaking, Amyl Nitrite is more potent than other popper formulas, so should be handled with care for first buyers. Here at Twisted Beast we stock only the strongest Amyl Nitrite and ship worldwide.



    Amyl Nitrite Popper FAQ

    The short answer is: yes. 

    The longer answer? Amyl nitrite poppers tend to be considered the harder stuff and favoured amongst experienced popperbators. 

    Both Pentyl and Propyl tend to create a more immediate effect. With amyl however, we tend to see a progressive build up over time instead of hitting all at once, with the added benefit of lasting longer. With that in mind, when new to amyl nitrite it’s important to start slow and not use too much in one go.

    You can learn more about the different types of poppers here.

    Time for an English lesson. A common mistake we see is people saying amyl nitrate in place of amyl nitrite. Amyl nitrate actually has nothing to do with poppers. The substance is actually a chemical used to help with the ignition process of diesel fuel, while amyl nitrite is the main chemical compound in some of our poppers. Best not to get those two mixed up.

    We have the French Chemist, Antoine Jérôme Balard, to thank for the creation of amyl nitrite. Though he created a number of noticeable chemicals used today, he came across amyl nitrite in 1844. 

    Not much was done with the chemical until a number of years later when a Scottish physician born the same year of the substance’s first discovery, Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, documented amyl’s clinical use to treat chest pain caused by the tightening of the muscles. Yes, that same property that loosens your anal muscles has the same effect on your chest. Who’d have guessed. 

    Fast forward to 1964 and we get the first documentation of poppers as a recreational drug, before really taking off in the gay club scene in 1970.

    And here we are now today, 50+ years later. With you on our website.

    We got you. From our Manchester-based office we can easily deliver amyl poppers UK wide. There’s no need to wait for lengthy overseas delivery anymore and no need to risk paying extra customs fees.  

    Orders placed before 13:00 GMT will be shipped the very same day in a nondescript plain brown postal box or jiffy bag. 

    We offer next day delivery options as well as free shipping within the UK on any orders over £39.95 as well!

    You can read more at our Poppers UK on our homepage.

    We stock a fair variety of Amyl Nitrite Poppers. We’d encourage you to check out Ass Ammo and Dumb Bitch Juice as some of our fan favourites. We’d also recommend Iron Fist Poppers as another well known brand!



    Whether you want to buy strongest poppers online or something that's just right for you, our strength scale will let you know how they stack up.



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