What are the Different Types of Poppers?

The different types of popper formulas

When it comes to poppers you might be surprised to learn that there’s actually a variety of formulas that we use. Each with different effects, a name by which it’s commonly known, as well as a chemical formula name which you may also see used. You’re most likely to come across or be familiar with the below five formulas for poppers:

  • Propyl Poppers - (Isopropyl Nitrite) 
  • Pentyl Poppers - (Pentyl Nitrite)
  • n-Pentyl
  • Amyl Poppers - (Amyl Nitrite)
  • Butyl Poppers - (Butyl Nitrite)

On top of this, you may also find blends combining the above formulas, resulting in more intricate bottles.

Of the above, Butyl Nitrite is increasingly rare. Generally the formula is being phased out in favour of other formulas, and can’t be purchased any longer in a number of countries. For that reason, we won’t be covering them any further in this review. 

How we qualify poppers

When we evaluate poppers we consider three key aspects that help us understand the characteristics of the bottle.

  • Potency 
  • The strength of poppers is a fundamental factor. Poppers have varying degrees of strength depending on the formula and finding the right strength for you is important. For those new to poppers, starting with milder options, such as Propyl, and gradually progressing to stronger formulas is generally what we would recommend. 

  • Time to Peak
  • The Time to Peak speed measures how quickly poppers reach their maximum potency after use. Some poppers have a gradual build-up, while others deliver a near immediate and intense experience. The preference here is subjective. Some people will prefer a gradual, building effect while others enjoy a more rapid approach. Ultimately it boils down to personal choice. 

  • Action Length
  • The last qualifying factor we look at is action length. Not to be confused with peak speed, action length refers to the duration over which the poppers persist when used. Do they last mere seconds or for a few minutes? This again varies between different poppers and comes down to personal preference as to what someone might prefer. 

    Propyl Poppers

    Let’s kick things off with Propyl poppers. Among the various formulas available, Propyl stands out as the beginner friendly choice. When it comes to potency, Isopropyl poppers are positioned on the milder side of things. This doesn’t mean they're weak, just that more experienced bators might prefer other options. 

    In general, the effects of Propyl poppers kick in almost immediately and taper off just as swiftly, This rapid onset and decline gives you greater control over how you use your poppers. For those new to poppers, as your familiarity with Propyl grows, you may find you prefer to start chaining usages together to get a stronger overall effect.

    Propyl Recommendations 

    Amsterdam Poppers do a fantastic range of Propyl poppers in various different shapes and sizes. These poppers have been around for quite some time now, with their plum-coloured bottle becoming a recognised favourite throughout Europe. 

    Venturing beyond mainland Europe, our Twisted Beast Original are part of the reason this review even exists in the first place. This 24ml red bottle was a key player in our initial line up, and remains a popular choice to this day. For those of you seeking a slightly edgier experience, Skull Fuck Ruby provides a pretty good damn kick. 

    Pentyl Poppers

    The transition from Propyl to Pentyl comes with quite a significant leap in strength. Pentyl poppers, by comparison, pack considerably more strength than their Propyl counterparts, which should be taken into account for those of you who may have only used Propyl in the past.  

    Pentyl’s action time is relatively short, delivering a powerful and almost instantaneous hit that fades relatively quickly. Similarly to Propyl, this allows for chaining Pentyl use to enhance their strength, but again, should be done in a controlled manner. 

    One quirk of Pentyl poppers is that the formula has a longer evaporation time. Exposure to oxygen and the resulting evaporation is one of the factors that reduces the shelf life of your poppers. In a pinch, this means Pentyl poppers tend to stay fresher for longer - but you should still replace the lid after each use to keep this evaporation to a minimum. 

    Pentyl Recommendations 

    We’re aware that you bators and gooners have a variety of interests. That’s why we’ve made sure there’s a range of poppers tailored to your specific needs. Let's talk about our triple distilled Hypno poppers. If watching spirals go round and around is your thing, these pentyl poppers are perfect for emptying your brain. 

    Alternatively, If you’re looking to be made into a suggestible mess, filled with thoughts of stockings and panties, then Sissy poppers may be your next go to brand. 

    Maybe you’re just a good old fashioned, porn-addicted bator. In that case, we’ve also got you covered with our Bator poppers. Relax, volume on high, grease up, and get pumping. 

    A photo of three Pentyl Popper bottles. From left to right: Hypno Poppers, Sissy Poppers and Bator.

    Amyl Poppers

    Amyl poppers are generally considered the gold-standard. As the original formula used back in the 70’s and 80’s, they’ve withstood the test of time, and with good reason. Amyl poppers are the most potent formula out there, but differ quite significantly to their propyl and pentyl counterparts.

    While Amyl Nitrite has the strongest potency of all the formulas mentioned above, the speed at which they work is quite different. Instead of reaching their peak instantly, Amyl poppers build up in strength gradually over a longer period of time and then slowly wear off. Because of this, Amyl should only be used by more experienced users. 

    In more recent years Amyl poppers have been harder to find in some countries. Here at Twisted Beast we’re happy to be the first store to ship Amyl poppers UK wide and beyond. 

    Amyl Recommendations 

    When talking about Amyl we have to mention Rush Poppers. Rush has been around since the 1970’s and have continued using that original Amyl Nitrite formula ever since. As the old saying goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

    Looking at other Amyl recommendations, Ass Ammo is one of our best sellers and quite easily some of our strongest poppers. This is Amyl Nitrite at its peak, with a formula so strong that it could only be packaged in an aluminium bottle. These poppers are also particularly good for those of you looking to get into some serious ass play. 

    On the other side of things, Dumb Bitch Juice is the perfect Amyl for lowering that IQ and just having a good, dumb time with as much dick as possible. 

    Three bottles of Amyl Poppers. From left to right, Super Rush Poppers, Ass Ammo and Dumb Bitch Juiice.

    n-Pentyl Poppers

    n-Pentyl represents a relatively recent evolution in poppers, enhancing existing Pentyl formulas by incorporating 1-pentanol into the mix. You’ll find that this formula is similar to Pentyl poppers but with the potency turned up another notch. 

    For those of you who appreciate the rapid effects of Pentyl poppers but are looking for something even stronger without compromising on speed, n-Pentyl is a worthy option. 

    n-Pentyl Recommendations 

    With n-Pentyl being relatively new, there isn’t a massive number of bottles to pick from at the moment, but we do have some key players if you’re wanting to give something new a try. 

    Feeling nostalgic? Gape Boy is a solid go-to option for those of you looking to dip your toes into something stronger after Pentyl. European fan favourite Amsterdam were quick on the mark to release their own version of n-Pentyl poppers, and now Amsterdam Hardcore Poppers are some of the strongest the Dutch producer has made to date! 

    For those of you into stretching your ass wide and deep, Fist Fuck n-Pentyl is good go to option when you need a little extra help taking two hands at once. 

    A photo of three bottles of n-Pentyl poppers. From left to right, Gape Boy, Hardcore Amsterdam, and n-Pentyl Fist Fuck.

    Isopropyl & Amyl Mixture 

    Here at Twisted Beast we’ve been doing some experimenting to see if we can bring you something even stronger and get you royally fucked up. The result? We’ve released a range of poppers mixing both Isopropyl and Amyl Nitrite poppers together to get the best of both worlds. Fast acting with a strong initial hit that also grows even stronger over a few minutes. We believe that these are some of the strongest poppers out there right now. 

    Isopropyl & Amyl Mixture Recommendations

    A good introduction to this mixture is our classic Twisted Beast Platinum Poppers. Clean, smooth, and a perfect choice for easing your way into this stronger formula. If you’re looking to get fucked up though, both FAG and Holy Water have you covered. 

    Three bottles of IsoPropyl & Amyl mixture poppers. From Left to right: Twisted Beast Platinum, Holy Water and FAG.

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