Where to buy poppers near me

Maybe you’re new to poppers, maybe you’re a regular user. Maybe, you’re a raging popperbator (honestly, same). Either way, the question of ‘where to buy poppers near me’ has probably cropped into your mind at least once. Based on where you are in the world, there’s a few ways to answer this question, so let's dig in. 

Buying poppers in store

In most countries, there are two options here. News agents, weirdly enough, in some countries will stock poppers. Frankly, we’re not sure why either. The other option is dedicated sex shops, which may have a better stock option than the former. 

Poppers in stores can be convenient, but in most cases the benefits unfortunately end there. Unless you’re buying your poppers from a dedicated sex store in a capital city that is constantly selling out and reordering in poppers, there’s a not unreasonable chance that those poppers in the tiny sex store or corner shop have been sitting there for months (probably unrefrigerated). And that’s not what you want. You deserve better. 

Buying poppers online

Buying your poppers online offers numerous advantages. Dedicated popper stores will offer a much larger range of products than your local corner store. As we alluded to earlier, because of the much faster stock rotation in these online stores as well, you’re almost guaranteed to be getting a much fresher bottle. 

The staff at these stores will be far more knowledgeable about poppers as well. They’ll provide recommendations and share their earned knowledge with you, if you ask us. 

‘But what about delivery?’ I conveniently for blogging’s sake pretend to hear you say. Well, dear reader, we here at Twisted Beast are based in the UK - just like you. We offer cheap next day delivery options if you’re eager, but otherwise Royal Mail will get your poppers to you within 48 hours. As an added UK bonus, all orders made before 13:00 will be shipped out the very same day.

While you’ll want to confirm before you order, the vast majority of online stores also provide discreet packaging. Flatmates, other halves and your parts won’t have a clue what’s in your package. Your secret is safe.

Twisted Beast specifically adds an extra layer of protection for all our orders as well. While leaks or lost deliveries are exceedingly rare, we won’t pretend they don’t happen once in a blue moon. We guarantee safe delivery on all our orders. If anything goes wrong, we’re happy to reship or refund your order at no cost to you!

A photo of three bottles of poppers that can be bought near the reader.

Buying poppers on holiday

What if you’re going on holiday. What’s the deal then? 

Well first, you’ll want to check if poppers are legal in the country you're visiting. We have a guide on the legality of poppers in different countries to help you out. You’ll also want to check if you can take poppers on your airline. We did some research on this (spoilers, the answer is mostly no, but you may still fare better than us). 

With that out of the way, you can always order your poppers to meet you at your hotel or Air BnB. Most hotels are happy to sign for packages on your behalf, just make sure you speak with them beforehand to confirm.

So hopefully that helps you out a bit. While you can find (questionable) poppers nearby, in the 21st century, it might be worth checking online instead. 

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Maybe you’re new to poppers, maybe you’re a regular user. Based on where you are in the world, there’s a few ways to answer this question, so let's dig in.