We Are Moving!

Twisted Beast is moving to a bigger and better premises at the end of this month and it's all thanks to you. We really appreciate every last customer.
We outgrew our current premises pretty quickly which led to issues in keeping stock levels maintained as we just didn't have the space. Shortly after we move to the new premises we will be fully restocked and start to introduce some brand new Twisted Beast poppers!
Our usual Birthday sale which takes place at the end of April will be postponed to the end of May to give us time to get set up
The last shipping date before we close up our current warehouse will be Tuesday the 23rd of April. This means any orders placed before 13:00 (BST) on Tuesday 23rd will ship that day but anything placed after will ship on Monday 29th. Shipping will remain unaffected until Tuesday 23rd.
Thanks again for enjoying everything we do and we can't wait to unleash more infernal poppers onto you!

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