How to Make Poppers Last Longer

Obviously you want to get the most out of your poppers. You want to be able to use them again and again, and get as fucked up as you did when you first opened that bottle. So, how do you keep poppers fresh? We’ve made a little rundown of things you can do to make your poppers last longer.

How long do poppers last?

Let’s start by discussing how long poppers should realistically last for. If you look after your poppers properly you should be able to get a good 1-3 months out of your poppers from when you open them. How long this ends up being will obviously depend on how often you use your bottle, the popper formula, and even the bottle itself. 

Longer than this and your poppers will start losing their potency. You’ll notice this happens when you start needing to take multiple hits to get the same effect, and the smell of the poppers may change. No one wants to be the guy bringing a stale bottle of poppers out with them, so be aware of this!

Store your bottles upright

I cannot stress this enough: when your poppers arrive in the post or you bring them back from the store, the first thing you need to do is make sure they're stored upright. If you only take one thing away from this guide, make it that you start storing your poppers upright. 

Poppers are naturally somewhat corrosive. The bottles are built to withstand this, but if left on their side (or upside down), over time the liquid will begin to erode the seal in the cap. What this means is that your poppers will slowly be exposed to air, which will significantly speed up the rate at which your poppers will go off. 

Minimising exposure to sunlight 

You may have noticed that most poppers come in a dark orange or brown coloured bottle. This, dear reader, is to minimise the amount of light getting into your poppers. We don’t need a whole chemistry lesson here, all you need to know is that exposure to light will speed up the degradation process of your poppers. 

While the bottle itself will do a lot of work to minimise these UV rays, you can do even more by storing your bottles somewhere dark. A cupboard or a fridge will do nicely, which leads us nicely onto our next point…

Store your bottles somewhere cool

Exposure to heat will rapidly increase the rate at which your poppers will go off. The cooler you can keep them, the better. How you do this will greatly depend on where you live. If you live somewhere more tepid or cold, simply keeping them in a cupboard will be fine. If you live somewhere warmer, you will almost certainly want to keep your poppers in the fridge. 

Limit exposure to oxygen 

We’re circling back a bit here to storing your poppers upright. Doing everything you can to limit exposure to oxygen will slow down the evaporation process of your poppers and keep them fresher for longer. This means a few things. First of all, when you’re using your poppers, regardless of how long or short you intend to be using them, replace the cap in-between uses. Leaving the bottle without a cap for even just a few minutes will speed up that degradation process. 

Next, when you’re done using your poppers for the day, make sure the lid is on good and tight. It may seem obvious, but this is one of the biggest causes of poppers going off prematurely. 

You can get a bit creative here, should you want to be a little bit extra. Dedicated popperbators have been known to keep a spare, empty bottle of poppers to hand. When they want to use their poppers, they’ll syphon off a little bit of liquid from their stock bottle into this spare empty bottle and use that up before adding more when needed. This keeps the main ‘stock bottle’ fresher for longer! 

If you follow the above steps your poppers should last as long as realistically possible! At Twisted Beast we only buy in enough stock that we know we can sell. We restock often as opposed to only doing a couple of big restocks a year. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting fresh poppers at their peak potency, and not a bottle that’s been sat on a shelf for a few months before you’ve even had a chance to open it. 

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